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No pest control work is too small in london and we appreciate the need to be extremely discreet in our approach to some pest control treatments. Our reliable, committed technicians will cater to our clients individual requirements.

Commercial Services in and around London

We provide not just one off jobs but regular visits to your premises preventing any pest problems occurring.

 Domestic Services in and around London

Our modern way of life is an ideal breeding ground for rodents and and insects.


Help keep pests at bay with our range of pest control products .

Rodent Infestation Services in & Around London


Commercial & Residential Pest Exterminators


Looking for pest control in and surrounding London:


London Pest Services offer a complete & comprehensive service for all kinds of pest control problems throughout London, serving both residential and commercial customers.


We are discreet pest control experts and have built up a valuable reputation in London for removing undesireables such as vermin, birds & insect infestations.


With reactive a preventative measure we make sure we deal with your pest problem quickly & efficiently.

London Pest Services can Save Businesses Money


Without effective Pest Control measures, companies are vunerable to:
  • Costly stock damage or contamination

  • Government enforcement notices; expensive fines, potential business closure and/or loss of reputation

  • Damage to computers or electronics. Potential loss of data and business

  • Damage to buildings or machinery


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Need emergency 24 hour pest control services in and around London? With over 25 years experience,
London Pest Services are dedicated to  providing a professional, quality and reliable pest control service across London and surrounding areas. With a rapid response callout for emergency commercial or domestic situations.
We operate in and around London


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Mouse Control Services London Mouse control Services
Bed Bug Control Services London Bed Bug Control Services London
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Flea Control Services London Flea Control Services London
Cockroach Control Services London Cockroach Control Services London
Pigeon Control Services London Pigeon Control Services London

Rat/Mice Control

Mice and rats cause mainly cause problems during the winter months where they enter properties seeking shelter, however this is not always the case and its not uncommon to have a problem during the summer months. Control is achieved with the use of both poison and traditional trapping techniques.


Bed Bugs/Fleas

Bed bugs & Fleas are spreading at an alarming rate hardly a day goes by without a call to perform a bed bug or flea treatment. Bed bugs & fleas are one of the most difficult pest species to deal with and a typical bed bug extermination could require 3 visits before complete control is achieved.


Wasp Control

Wasps are without a doubt the most common pest we deal with. Wasps nests are treated using a powder injected under pressure in to the wasps nest. The treatment is simple and wasp activity should cease within a few hours. As with all our work wasp nest treatments totally guaranteed.


Insect Fumigation

The use of fumigants is no longer allowed in domestic properties. However many people still use this term when they speak to a pest control technician. What is available is a a procedure called ULV "Ultra Low Volume". ULV can be used to control a range of flying and crawling insects.


Cockroach Treatment

By far the most common species of cockroach we deal with in the London area is the German cockroach. This insect is usually introduced into homes in contaminated imported food. If left untreated they can quickly become a major problem.


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